Job Sub Accounts

When you get a monthly statement it can be time consuming to go through and separate the different jobs you may have worked on for that last month. To help with this we offer Job Sub Accounts. With this feature you will have your master account but have the ability to set up sub accounts for different jobs you may have. When these job accounts are set up you can choose to get a consolidated statement with everything on it, a separate statement for your master account and each job account, or a combination of a consolidated and separate for your master and job accounts. This feature is handy for when you have an ongoing job or service account that you constantly buy material for by allowing you to receive a statement just for that job. This allows you to quickly match your invoices for that job to make sure you get everything billed out. With the job accounts you can also set up authorize to charge list per job, have the ability to set up tax & non tax accounts per job and setup jobs on either a charge or COD basis. Using this option can save you time and money in your back office operations. Call us to give this feature a try and see if it works for you.

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